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What is a vertical turbine pump?

What is a vertical turbine pump? The vertical pump can be used when a submersible pump is no longer suitable. They are the right solution for pumping dirty or very aggressive liquids with long immersion lengths up to 6 metres! With a vertical pump the pump housing is placed within the liquid while the motor is safely mounted on a base plate far above the fluid. The pump and the intermediate shaft do have bearings. These bearings are generally plain bearings which can be lubricated by the pumped liquid. However, if this is too dirty, lubrication can usually be carried out using clean water or grease from outside.

Why should I use a vertical turbine pump?

The main advantages of a vertical pump are:

Vertical pump from Salvatore Robuschi

The vertical pump from the Italian manufacturer Salvatore Robuschi is a pump of very high quality. It can be used for both small and large capacities and has an insertion length of 7 metres. You can use this pump to pump clean- as well as dirty water when a submersible pump can no longer be used. This can be the case if the temperature of the liquid is too high, if there is not enough room to place a submersible pump or if there are other technical conditions such as a large suction height. Below you can watch an animation of the operation of this vertical pump by Salvatore Robuschi.

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