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About us

Intermediar (Jan) Beumer was founded in the early nineties of the last century by Jan Beumer. Immediately after his mechanical engineering studies, he rolled into the pumping business. After gaining the necessary technical and commercial work experience at a number of pump companies, he decided to start his own business in 1994 because his work philosophy was not in line with what his proprietary employers expect of him. "A relationship that gives you the confidence to solve a pump problem often needs a broader solution framework than one proprietary pump supplier can provide," he said.

The professional Jan Beumer went to great lengths to find the right solution for a pump problem. Always with the first focus on pump technology. The commercial aspect was secondary. His reputation is and has been widespread and his experience and expertise unparalleled. Because of his knowledge and network, Jan Beumer was also asked by pump companies to look for additions to their delivery programs. He often linked companies to specific brands / manufacturers.

The way of working of Jan Beumer is still used. Due to the great expertise and experience within Intermediair Beumer, a number of producers, which (among others) were introduced by Jan Beumer to other pump companies, have expressed the desire to be represented by Intermediary Beumer only over time. These are in most cases brands of real "niche" pump manufacturers. We have not avoided this representation.

This meant that gradually the focus of "intermediary" shifted more towards (total) supplier. Intermediair Beumer BV has therefore become IB-pompen, whereby we have clearly retained the knowledge, experience, working method, philosophy and history of Intermediary Beumer and wanted to have it reflected in the name. A team of enthusiastic and experienced specialists work daily under the banner "IB-Pompen" for sound advice, selection, delivery and maintenance of pumps. IB-Pompen specializes in custom pumps. From a modest office and warehouse we also maintain (often on request) a small effective stock of pumps and parts. We also work with a number of selected repair companies. With our own delivery program we serve many fellow pump companies and pump manufacturers, we actively seek collaboration. These simple strategic choices have resulted in low overhead costs and good conditions at many pump companies of many pump brands. We can therefore offer and deliver almost all brands of pumps very competitively. This makes IB-pompen the ideal partner for all brands of pumps. There are already several companies that use us as the preferred supplier for all pumps and experience the benefits every day.  

We are pump professionals and we promise:

- a no-nonsense mentality

- to rely solely on sustainable and technically high-quality solutions, unless explicitly agreed otherwise

- go to great lengths to find and deliver a solution to your pumping problem

- to communice, inform and quote quickly and to the point through all possible means of communication

- regardless of brand, we go to great lengths to offer you the best price

These promises are based on the mission, vision and ethical code we work for.