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Vertical tail pump from Salvatore Robuschi

The vertical tail pump from Salvatore Robuschi is a high-quality pump that can be used for small and large capacities with long insertion lengths. The hydraulic part of the pump, the tail of the pump, is placed in the liquid tank, whereby the motor and foundation always remain above the liquid level. This robust pump is supplied with IEC motors as standard. Available in 4 different hydraulic variants (impeller types), the pump is suitable for a very wide range of applications.

The application of a tail pump

The Salvatore Robuschi (SR) tail pump is often used for clean and polluted water when a submersible pump cannot be used due to, for example, high liquid temperature, limited space, maintenance requirements, or other technical conditions. Such as: large suction height and / or pumping of volatile substances. Especially in these cases, this type of pump is the right solution. For a good visualization of how tail pumps exactly function, the video below gives a clear picture:


The use of tail pumps brings several distinct advantages. To paint a clear picture of these advantages, we have summarised them below:

Need customized pump advice?

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