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Submersible pump grinder

A submersible pump is always placed at the bottom (e.g. at the bottom of a well). In this way the liquid can be pumped up to the desired height. Ofcourse, this desired height must be within the capacities of the pump and the connected discharge pipe. While pumping, the pump is submerged in the liquid. In this way the liquid also serves as cooling for the motor. When the liquid is very heavily polluted, we opt for a submersible pumpwith a grinder. In this article we will provide more information on the function and use of this type of submersible pump.

Specific applications

The submersible pumps with grinders that we offer are subdivided into various series, depending on the application. Each series of grinders has its own unique characteristics so that it can be used for specific applications. We make a distinction between the T-, P- and J series. The T-series pumps are generally used for pressurised sewage applications, the P-series pumps for manure from farm stables and the J-series for large flows where the solids need to be crushed. 

Why choose a submersible pump with a grinder?

☑️ These submersible pumps can be used for an expansive range of applications. If a liquid is chemically contaminated and cast iron is no longer sufficient, it is even possible to supply a stainless steel 316 version. 

☑️ Our submersible pumps are supplied by Faggiolati. The quality is therefore unequalled, while the price tag compared to other pumps is very reasonable. 

☑️ They offer the perfect solution for very dirty liquids. 

Technical specifications

→ Maximum capacity: 300 m3/h.

→ Maximum pump head: 70 mwk.

→ Maximum immersion depth: 20 metres.

→ Maximum medium temperature: 40 °C.

→ Higher medium temperature; available on request.

Need an immersion pump with a grinder?

For industrial jobs requiring a submersible pump with grinder, IB-Pompen is the right place to be! With our small but enthusiastic team of true specialists, we are always ready to provide sound advice, selection, delivery and maintenance of pumps. Therefore, please feel free to contact us. This is entirely without obligation!

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