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Cantilever pumps

Our Cantilever pumps are ideally suited for the most demanding pumping applications. Any shaft seals, (sliding) bearings, or couplings of this pump are located outside the medium, which gives this construction some unique advantages. Thanks to this composition, abrasive liquids, liquids with large solids or fibers, and liquids with a very high temperature can be pumped without problems. This means that a very high operational reliability can be guaranteed in situations where, for example, the medium crystallizes, there is a lot of foam or air in the floor substance, or the medium has a very high temperature.

The advantages of Cantilever Pumps

The use of a Cantilever pump has several advantages due to its unique design:


To get a clear picture of whether a Salvatore Robuschi cantilever pump is suitable for your application, you can check the video below explaining the pump's operating principle. In less than 3 minutes, you can find out whether our Cantilever pump is suitable for your application or not!

Need personal pump advice?

IB-pompen has been the pump expert for years and has a unique partnership with Salvatore Robuschi. We know which pump is the right one for your situation and are therefore happy to provide you with tailor-made advice. So, are you looking advice or have some general questions about our products and services? Don't hesitate to contact us!