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Buy dirty water pump

A dirty water pump is a pump that is frequently used in construction work. A well-known example of this is when a flooded construction site needs to be drained after heavy rainfall. In order not to delay the progress of your work too much, you are almost forced to buy a dirty water pump in such a situation. However, since there are many variants of dirty water pumps available, it can be challenging to find the proper pump. That is why we have written down a few important aspects you should take into account.

Pump capacity dirty water pump

The pump capacity of the dirty pump differs per task. This pump capacity refers to the maximum amount of liquid a pump can process within an hour. It is not only the power of the engine that influences its capacity. The placement of the pump also plays a key role in this. The higher the pump is placed, the less liquid the pump can process in a given time. That is why the pump capacity is an important point to take into account when buying a suitable dirty water pump.

Solids permeability

Dirty water always consists of solid particles. For example sand or algae. The size of these parts can vary considerably per liquid. Therefore, every pump has a different maximum capability of solid parts. When this maximum permeability is exceeded, it could cause a lot of damage to your dirty water pump. Something you want to avoid! So in addition to the pump capacity, also consider the permeability of solid parts when choosing the right pump.

Height of elevation dirty water pump

The height of elevation has to do with the maximum height at which the liquid can be transported by the pump. This height is equal to the pressure with which the pump processes water. For example, 30 meters equals 3 bars.

Which dirty water pump should I buy?

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a dirty water pump, it's time to choose the right pump for your future job(s). Since quite a few different variants of this type of pump can be ordered at IB-Pompen, we are glad to help you pick the right pump. So feel free to contact us without any obligation!

Buy dirty water pump