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Vortex impeller pump

The vortex impeller pump uses a vortex impeller. This works as follows. By rotating, the impeller causes the mass of water to form a vortex (whirlpool). This vortex is created by water flowing through a reservoir, a small opening in the bottom of the basin, or a pump. Compared to a channel impeller, a vortex impeller entails a minimal risk of clogging. This makes a vortex impeller pump very suitable to work with liquids that, for example, have a high level of thickness. With proper use and supervision, the vortex impeller guarantees a long lifespan.

example of a vortex impeller pump

example of a vortex impeller pump

Buying a vortex impeller pump

Due to the low maintenance costs and the easy installation of this pump, it is suitable for many jobs. To assure that you purchase the correct vortex impeller pump, we recommend that you contact our experts first. It can differ which pump is best suited, and it would of course be a shame if you invest in the 'wrong' pump!