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Self-priming pump

A self-priming pump is a special version of the centrifugal pump. These centrifugal pumps work by means of a so-called centrifugal force. Because the impeller in the pump makes a rotating movement, this centrifugal force is transferred towards the fluid which will push the liquid to the outside of the pump housing. This process creates a negative pressure in both the impeller and the suction connection. As a result, the liquid rises up the suction line. This allows the liquid to be moved continuously. However, a standard centrifugal pump is optimized to move a particular liquid and not for evacuating gas. A self-priming pump can fix this issue!

Advantages self-priming pump

One major benefit of the self-priming pump is the versatility for which this type of pump can be used. Due to this versatility, it can be used for different jobs, in different sectors. In addition to this adaptable usage, the self-priming pumps are very compact. We offer, among other models, theSelf-Priming Victor S-Series Pumps. One advantage of this pump in particular, is that it does not need to be submerged. This allows the pump to be placed above or next to the liquid.

Functioning of the Victor S-series Pumps

Functioning of the Victor S-series Pumps

Choosing the right pump

As mentioned before, the self-priming pumps can be used for many objectives. Convenient, but at the same time this can make it challenging to pick the right pump. For this reason you can always reach out to our team. We are happy to assist you with choosing the most suitable self-priming pump for your case!