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Pump for Dirty Water

A pump for dirty water moves water with dirt particles from one spot to another, without getting the pump clogged. These pumps serve all kinds of purposes. For example, they are used for the emptying of:

Permeability of solids

When you need a dirty water pump for one of your projects, it is important to take the permeability of solid parts into account. The size of these solid particles can differ considerably per liquid. When these parts are too large, they can damage the pump. This problem occurs whenever the entrance of the pump becomes clogged. In this way, the pump will run dry, causing the engine to overheat. That is why it is beneficial to pay attention to the permeability of solids.

Pump capacity

The maximum amount of liquid that a pump can process per hour differs per pump. A pump's processing capacity is influenced, among other things, by the height at which the pump is located. The higher you place the pump, the less water it can process in a given period. Keep this in mind when choosing a pump for dirty water.

Professional advice

Understandably, you have further questions about the pump for dirty water and how to use it. For all your questions you can contact us without any obligation. We will answer your question and provide you with appropriate advice!