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Liquid pump

As the name suggests, a liquid pump transfers liquid. At IB-Pompen we offer liquid pumps that are capable of pumping toxic-, as well as non-toxic liquids. However, it depends on your situation which liquid pump is most suitable for your application. Because we work with various pump suppliers, we can offer the right pump for almost every problem!

How does a fluid pump work?

We currently offer a wide range of liquid pumps. Each of these liquid pumps works slightly differently based on their unique mechanisms and principles. The names of these pumps are given based on the mechanism they use to pump the liquid. Some well-known examples of liquid pumps are:

Installation example liquid pump

Installation example liquid pump

Choosing a liquid pump

Because not every liquid pump can be used in every circumstance, it is meaningful to choose the best pump for your application. To make the right choice, it is helpful to talk to professionals in the field. The team of IB Pompen is thus willing to provide you with appropriate advice!